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Information Solutions in Real Time is an Information Technology consulting company providing specialised solutions in the field of information management and reporting systems in real time.

Our primary goals are to reduce your cost and improve your market value.

We provide bespoke solutions geared to your exact needs.

The current downturn in the economy has put pressures on a company to perform well.  The solutions that we offer enables you to gain control of your processes and your costs in real time.  Providing "Key Performance Indicators" and tools to manage  financial, quality and production processes in real time we are able to reduce your overall cost enabling you to make on the fly decisions to improve your business performance.

Creating extensive and costly and out of date reports is a thing of the past. You can now act on Real Time information to manage your business and steer you company towards the future.

With our solutions we are able to free up employee costs by gathering and collating data throughout your business and production systems, providing you with the tools to make "on the fly" management descisions to increase your performance.

Information Solutions in Real Time